Post a review video on your YouTube have a chance to get a free gift.

* You just need pay $10 , and email us your YouTube channel link for check. we send you the gift you want to test after you payment, when received gift and post a video to test the gift on your YouTube, we will return your $10.

* Why the gift need to payment?
Because $10 is just a cash pledge, it will be returned to you after posting the video.

* When do I post the video?
Preferably within 10 days of receiving the gift.

* What is the content of the video I post?
Here video link the reference content(video), you can take a video from the feeling of opening the product to using it.

* What happens if I don't post the video?
It is best don't do this, $10 will not be refunded, we will have more gift activities in the future, hope you can participate again.

Gifts are limited, hurry up and join us.

For friends and family


Metal Detector IP68 Waterproof 10" Coil

* Only shipping to USA

For You

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