KENTOKTOOL 80~90%Neuer Metalldetektor IP68 Wasserdicht 10" Spule US

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Will Woodham
Works great!!

Works really well!! Use it all the time on family outings!!!

Handy tool for kids and adults

Work well, we did find some nice coins with it our closest park,
And we tried and the sandy beach we found lots of coin and garbage,
My son and i had so much fun definitely worth to try,

Works really well.

Bought this to find something my wife lost in the yard. Also was curious if there was anything interesting on my property because I have always heard of civil war activity in my area. Walked over to a spot in the yard close to a creek and woods. Found these items in about an hour. They were anywhere from four to ten inches deep. Dont know for sure if they are from the civil war, but very well could be. Looking forward to searching the rest of the property.

Good gift

This is my dads birthday gift. He is so happy with that. Easy to set up. He tested in backyard and he found some beer cap and some more metal things. I hope he will find gold someday. Thank you so much

Richard Kissick
Good quality, works great, very easy adjust and very accurate too.

My daughter and I looking for coins and her old metal detector stopped working. I found this one, really good specs and a good price and decided to give it a try. I was not disappointed, this one is really nice. First off, really good quality, everything assembled perfectly and came with the batteries too. Secondly, This one is very accurate. I have tested it on lost bolts in the back yard and it finds every single one of them flawlessly. Lastly, very adjustable for kids to adults where my daughter and i have both used this one, and we can equally use it well too. Hard to show how nice this one is with just pics, so I did a video to show. No cons, really works great for us, where I am very happy with the purchase.