KENTOKTOOL LE400Plus 10W Laser Engraving Machine

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Based on 10 reviews
Robin Aschmann
Still great even after months :)

The LE400PLUS is great for cutting wood up to 5 mm in one pass but i recommend using an air assist for better quality a smoke extraction system a gas mask and the laser safety glasses included in delivery. The engraving quality is also very good for the price. I also recommend using the software lightburn instead of the mobile app or laserGRBL.

- I wish there was a powerful air assist from Kentoktool (because i cant find a cheap one (<70€) with enough power)
- And i would really like the possibility for the future to upgrade the laser to a 20W or 40W lasermodule.
- I also don't like the fact that the honeycomb (which I think you should buy for better quality) only has an area of ​​30x30cm, although the laser cutter has a work area of ​​40x40cm. So I had to buy a larger one from another manufacturer

Top Gerät für vielseitigen Einsatz

Zusammen mit dem gratis Programm Laser Grbl ist der Laser jeden Cent wert.
Ich habe schon Steine, Kekse, Holz, Glas und Kork gelasert. Alles lief super.
Klar musste ich ab und zu mal herumprobieren mit den Einstellungen aber bei Facebook gibt es eine eigene Gruppe zu dem Gerät und da findet man alles.
Der Laser ist schnell und liefert ein tolles Ergebnis. Die Fotos zeigen den Vergleich zu meinem Finger.
Das Video ist schneller gemacht worden von mir.

Der Support vom Hersteller ist top.
Ich hatte ein defektes Teil und es wurde direkt ausgetauscht. Einfach klasse.

Mller Manfred
Beste Investition was ich je gemacht habe. 😍

Das Teil ist der Hammer😍. Er schneidet Holz und Lasert / Graviert so ziemlich alles. Man musste sich zwar am Anfang mit den Parametern ein wenig anfreunden in Lightburn, aber wenn man den Dreh raus hat macht es sehr viel Spaß damit zu Arbeiten. Auch der Support von Kentoktool ist nett, sehr hilfsbereit und schreibt in deutsch zurück. Die Antworten vom Support kommen von keiner KI oder Copy Paste Funktion. Sie sind sehr sachlich und auf das Problem genau beschrieben was man machen kann um es zu lösen.
Ich würde das Produkt jederzeit wiederkaufen. 😃😃👍

Easy for diy crafters using mkslaser smartphone app

When this laser engraver was arrived, we had everything we needed to get started. I started with some round wood pieces I already owned and discovered that the software for this engraver was really user-friendly. On my laptop running Windows 11, the program worked without any issues. This laser engraver was straightforward to set up, customize, and use. But I have found using the mkslaser on my iPhone using WiFi is easy to operate.
The program lets you design shapes, insert text and photos, and then burn them—exactly as vinyl cutting apps work. I test things out on scraps before putting them in the instructions because there isn't a drop-down selection for material specifications.
With a laser focus point as small as 0.08mm2 and two times thinner than typical lasers, the power of the laser cutter and engraver machine allows for more powerful and accurate engraving and cutting. By blocking 97% of UV radiation, the laser protective cover shields your eyes from damage while engraving metal or wood without the need for goggles. The humanized magnetic design of the laser protective cover makes installation easier and more practical. Since the laser's focal length is constant, it is not essential to focus when using standard zoom lasers to engrave. The fixed-focus laser's laser output is also more reliable. When the device's rising knob is employed, focusing is even more practical and exact, and our laser modules last longer. The entire aluminum alloy construction design strengthens the machine and improves engraving precision. The machine's modular nature makes it simple to assemble and disassemble. It features a handy power switch that makes it possible to quickly turn it off at any time.
The CE, FCC, RoHS, FDA, Weee, and IEC 60825-1 have all certified the laser engraving machine, and an emergency switch is accessible for rapid power off at any moment.
The laser protection cover included a magnetic structure for easy assembly and removal.
The adjustable knob makes it simpler to change the laser head's height without any tools.
The engraving machine's 400x400 mm2 largest engraving area can accommodate your diverse engraving needs.
Wood, bamboo, paper, plastic, leather, PCB board, aluminum oxide, non-reflective plating, and lacquered metal were all used in the carvings.

Bob Arizona
Great support is as important as a great product!

This is my second KentockTool laser engraver. I was so pleased with my LE400 5watt that I decided to also purchase the 10 watt version for my commercial applications.

First off, this is not a hobby but I purchased the first engraver for use in my Leather business. I manufacture custom leather products on a wholesale basis and was prompted to purchase the 5 watt unit to laser engrave the back sides of 800 custom leather coasters produced for a winery tasting room. I was very impressed with the build quality, features and ease of use of the original LE400. I soon became interested in using the cutting abilities of the laser and realized that the 10 watt world cut my production time in half.
I have been using the 10 watt unit almost daily for over a month. I have started offering laser engraving as an adjunct to my leather products as well as engraved and cut items made from birch plywood.

My primary business is manufacturing items for the scuba industry. I was recently approached by my main distributor to see if I could produce precision disks of self adhesive sandpaper used on a special tool to recondition scuba tanks. I have subsequently produced 3600 concentric discs over a few days to the delight of my customer. The KentokTool performed flawlessly and the first cut was identical to the very last!
Some real advantages of the 10 watt laser include the 10 watt cutting power fine engraving capabilities combined with the super fine engraving, the simple to maintain construction, the included limit switches, a high end addition on a moderately priced cutter/engraver. In addition, the upgraded controller includes wifi and and print from SD card capabilities. When I have something really nasty to cut, I'll simply take the cutter outside and use the SD card option or operate via WiFi. Another excellent inclusion is the air assist. All you need is an air pump and some silicone tubing and you are away. In my opinion, air assist is absolutely necessary to option the optimum results. The air from the nozzle surrounds the laser beam and blows away any smoke or debris that would limit the amount of light reaching the cut or engraving. It completely eliminates smoke and charring on the surface and back of the work, especially when used in conjunction with a honeycomb bed. I also have the bed mounted slightly above the base and a small USB fan blows air below the base extracting smoke and blowing it to the extractor fans.

The test pattern cut into an aluminum anodized business card blank is 1 mm square! The photograph was made using a microscope!

There are possibly other engravers that may be suitable for the hobbyist but probably none better value than either engraver, but if meeting production deadlines for commercial applications, there is absolutely no better value than the KentokTool 10 Watt laser cutter.

Finally, my personal experience with their customer service far exceeds all expectations! They have an office in California and provide top level support and fast response. Some of the best in the industry.
I recommend both the 10 watt and the 5 watt engraver/cutters with no reservations as best in class.