The engraving is in reverse or mirror image

Please open your settings if you use the LaserGRBL software.

Open the software's parameter settings and match all of your software's parameters to the ones we sent.

Please connect the machine first, then change all parameters before clicking "write." The parameters can then be successfully changed.

Even if you change the parameter, the direction remains reversed.

Simply change the homing direction reversal value in #23.

It could be 1, 2, 3, or 4. 3. Not necessarily.

So, to see if the machine moves normally, enter 1, 2, 3, 4.

如果您使用 LaserGRBL 软件,请打开您的设置。  打开软件的参数设置,将您软件的所有参数与我们发送的参数相匹配。  请先连接机器,然后更改所有参数,然后单击“写入”。  然后可以成功更改参数。  即使您更改参数,方向也会保持相反。  只需更改#23 中的归位方向反转值。  它可以是 1、2、3 或 4。 3. 不一定。  因此,要查看机器是否正常移动,请输入 1、2、3、4。

This falls under "the output is mirrored or backwards" if you use LightBurn software.

Troubleshooting can be accomplished by:

(1) Go to Edit => Device Settings and in the lower left corner, select the origin (i.e. the starting point of the laser engraving).

If your original position was incorrect, please correct it here.

(2) In the software interface's lower right corner, change the origin to "Current Position" and select the lower left corner as the origin.

如果您使用 Lightburn 软件,这属于“输出被镜像或向后”。  故障排除可通过以下方式完成: (1) 进入编辑=> 设备设置,在左下角选择原点(即激光雕刻的起点)。  如果您的原始位置不正确,请在此处更正。  (2) 在软件界面右下角,将原点更改为“当前位置”,选择左下角为原点。