The laser size does not match the original size

If you encounter the following problems:

the laser size does not match the original size. Such as Original size 39x39mm, laser size 62x62mm

The output will be mirrored? How can I change this?

If I click in the LaserGRBL at the bottom right, the laser moves to the bottom left.



If you use the LaserGRBL software.

Please download the "GRBL-8bit NC" file and import the file into LaserGRBL.

After connecting the machine, open the “Configuration Parameters”.

Step 1 Click Import to import the file

Step 2: Click on "Write"

Step 3: Click on "Update"

The parameter change is complete.


If you use LightBurn software.

After you connect the machine.

Step 1: First find the "Machine Settings" option in "Edit".

Step 2: Select "Load" to import the "lightburn 8-328P.lbset" file and click "Write" then click "OK".

Step 3: Find the "Device Settings" option in "Edit", set the working size to 400x400 and select the lower left corner for "Origin".