How to fix Homing Fail/Alarm 8/Alarm 9?

Please open LaserGRBL or LightBurn to and connect machine to confirm the controller bit as following figure: (or Type "$i" into the command box).

If it appears: MKS DLC32, it is 32-bit, otherwise it is 8-bit.

Method 1
Connect LE400PRO to the computer and import the configuration file:

Steps in LaserGRBL:

  • Click “Grbl Configuration”, then click “Import”.
  • Choose the file “LE400PRO8Bit NC” or “LE400PRO 32Bit NC”(According to your machine to choose), and click “Close”.
  • After the import is successful, try homing again.
  • save as a file → LE400PRO 8Bit    LE400PRO 32Bit

    *Please refer to the picture in next pages.

    Method 2
    Please check belt to confirm whether the laser module is parallel to the X-axis bar. If not parallel, re-tighten the belt.

    Method 3
    Please check whether the opening direction of the limit switch is correct, if not, it needs to be adjusted. You can refer to the following video:

    If there is no opening direction error in the limit switch, you can try to install the limit switches of the X-axis and Y-axis in exchange.

    Method 4
    Flash the firmware
    Please refer to the attachment file “How to flashing firmware - LE400PRO” for the details.