D-B10W 10W Laser Module for Kentoktool Laser Engraver 0.01mm

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Compatible with Kentoktool LE400Pro laser engravger

Compatible with laser engravers that support lowest 5V/3.8A

D-B10W 10W Laser Module enjoys a one-year warranty

Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Anthony Gleeson
10W laser upgrade

Great product a marked improvement all of the other reviews on how I wish I’d started with the 10W unit are valid. I would like to say I was disappointed with 0 documentation accompanying it. All I found was a video online to show how to change over. No settings or advice apart from a forum.The forum search helped but it was my digging that found the information. Still a good buy though.

Philip Marshall

The upgrade from 5w to 10w is worth every penny. Air assist nozzle built in is so handy and my cuts are cleaner and faster. Arrived to me in the UK in less than a week too.

Bernd Körner

Hat alles gut geklappt und werde den Laser in nächster Zeit inbetrieb nehmen!!!

Happy customer

I purchased the 10W laser module as an upgrade and I’m very glad I did.
Very happy with goods and very happy with delivery.

Robert Raby
Brilliant well worth the upgrade

I have only had the 10W laser a short time and still experimenting with what is capable of . Obviously it's much faster than the 5.5W and more powerful.
After the initial set up you will need to raise your laser frame up by about 50mm as the laser is much longer. As i have the Kentoktool roller i used the additional legs supplied to raise it and raised the laser bed to suit.
You are supplied with 4 screws to hold the laser in place although I could only manage to fit 2 as the holes don't line up. Still very secure with only 2. Perhaps if Kentoktool read this they can show it in the instruction video where they go ?.
It's my intention now to laser and cut more complex designs.
It also has the added facility to connect air assist ...I wasn't expecting that .
I can certainly recommend the upgrade its well worth the money .