D-B10W 10W Lasermodul für Kentoktool Lasergravierer 0,01 mm

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Kompatibel mit dem Kentoktool LE400Pro Lasergravierer

Kompatibel mit Lasergravierern, die die niedrigsten 5 V/3,8 A unterstützen

Das D-B10W 10W Lasermodul hat eine einjährige Garantie

Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
Markus Graf

D-B10W 10W Laser Module for Kentoktool Laser Engraver 0.01mm

Tony Rogers
entry leval lerning toy

these are entry level HOBBY LEARNING toys. no support. trail and error learning. we all learn from videos.. there is no shortcut to education. ITS ALL YOU!. If you are impatient or lazy with poor study habits, technical lasers are not for you. support comes when you buy a real laser starting at 5 thousand dollars +. words of failure. = " whats your settings ". means you are to un-edcated and have bypassed the most important part of learning, the material test.

Anthony Gleeson
10W laser upgrade

Great product a marked improvement all of the other reviews on how I wish I’d started with the 10W unit are valid. I would like to say I was disappointed with 0 documentation accompanying it. All I found was a video online to show how to change over. No settings or advice apart from a forum.The forum search helped but it was my digging that found the information. Still a good buy though.

Philip Marshall

The upgrade from 5w to 10w is worth every penny. Air assist nozzle built in is so handy and my cuts are cleaner and faster. Arrived to me in the UK in less than a week too.

Bernd Körner

Hat alles gut geklappt und werde den Laser in nächster Zeit inbetrieb nehmen!!!